Our new system brings new version of web solutions above all, with all innovations and improvements of existing solutions of our software system.
Our new web system
Our new web system

Our new system brings a new version of web solutions above all, with all innovations and improvements of existing solutions of our software system. As Internet has become a dominant way of doing business worldwide and also becomes more and more dominant way of business in our country, our team has decided to place a strategy of further products development on web solutions development and completing of an entire business process via the Internet. It means that our users- spare parts retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers are now enabled to completely process their manufacture and selling assortment, to present it and sell via the Internet.

New web version of Odyssey, solution which is a basic solution of our system and it is used for databases development and articles processing, now our users are enabled with assortment processing via the Internet. Every user, with fast and current access to web system, autonomously process articles and creates database-foundation for offer presenting, which afterward presents to buyers via Webshop-web application for presenting and selling of processed assortment on the Internet. With basic applications of the system which now completely functions via Internet, we have developed accompanying web applications like Statistic module application, which provides our users in the statistics of assortment sale and according to received reports our users develop plans of sale for the further period. Our web application Vavilon Online which is used for translation of the expressions from database and users interface enables our users with fast and simple customizing of our solutions to any market via translation to this market language.

This kind of system, using web technologies for all phases of selling spare parts process-from basic phases of preparations and data processing, to final phases for presenting and selling of assortment to buyers, introduces numerous advantages, offer fast access to needed applications via Internet to our users, without program installation, enables fast and simple information transferring and its update with current display of all updates to buyers, enables our users with automated managing of buyers system and processing of their orders, and most important above all this system cherishes buyers, gives them access to a great number of information with the simplicity of selecting and ordering of products that buyer wants to order and their easy order.

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