Proton Auto Company from Romania, has become the new user of our software system
New Business Partner
New Business Partner

Proton Auto Company from Romania, has become the new user of our software system. Established in 1998, Proton Auto has started with distribution of Bosch spare parts and Blaupunkt audio systems. With the business development, Proton Auto has expanded their selling portfolio with the distribution of products of many other spare parts manufacturers, then original parts, lubricants, equipment, service equipment and automotive paint.

In 2005 this company has improved its activities, and along with the headquarter and central warehouse in Cluj, Proton Auto has opened its offices in two other Romanian regions.

In addition to dealing with spare parts distribution, another important segment of Proton Auto business is a service center, which includes facilities for servicing cars and equipment. The center is integrated into Bosch Car Service network, within which the center operates for 10 years.

In order to modernize, automate and connect all segments of their activities into a single system, Proton Auto has decided to use our software system, in order to create standardized database of articles from their assortment and present the complete offer to buyers via Webshop, have clear evidence on the buyers system and review of goods in warehouses, facilitate the work of employees with orders and selling goods, and provide their customers with a modern and professional service-availability of all, always actual information on articles and the possibility of their ordering 24 hours a day.

Our earlier started talks on the possibility of cooperation, we have developed during the meetings at Automechanika 2010 fair, and finalized the arrangements after the fair during our visit to this company, during which we agreed on developing of Webshop system for spare parts sale under the name of ProCAT and its integration with the existing ERP business  system of Proton Auto.

System ProCAT now presents a new and modern presentation and way of selling Proton Auto products, enables fast and simple communication and connection between our user and their buyers, solves the complete processing and presenting of all characteristics of spare parts and presenting their prices in real time by integration with ERP system, further enables the complete buyers system and orders system  management, and all other processes related to presenting and selling  of Proton Auto assortment.

Concerning that Webshop system, as a modern and standardized software solution allows connection with another world standardized software, this provides users of our system with further improvement of communication with buyers. According to this, with our user now we talk about implementation of technical information related to vehicles servicing in ProCAT system, which would provide buyers of Proton Auto with a higher level of information sources and fast communication with vehicle owners.

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