Unitrade company from Ljubuski, Bosna and Herzegovina, has become the new user of our software system.
New business partner
New business partner

Unitrade company from Ljubuski, Bosna and Herzegovina, has become the new user of our software system.

Since their foundation in 1994, Unitrade company successfully deals with the specialized sale of spare parts, truck parts, tires, accessories, oils, service equipment, batteries, as well as scooters, throughout the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to sales activities, Unitrade successfully deals with servicing activities and owns the franchise network of fast repair shops under the name of ASD, throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. With these activities Unitrade has started in 2000, when in the scope of a newly open facility in Mostar for spare parts retail and wholesale Unitrade has also opened the repair shop, which has offered services of fast vehicles servicing-change of oil, shock absorbers, springs and similar, and all other activities which can be done in a short period of time. This practice has turned out to be successful, so this type of Unitrade's offices has expanded quickly on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also in 2000, Unitrade has opened a manufacturing facility for retreading of truck tires. Unitrade has decided on this step because of the cooperation with Sava Tyres company which is their strategic partner and majority owned by the known company Goodyear.

The selling assortment of Unitrade consists of the world known brands such as Bosch, Brembo, Tenneco, Swag, Denso, GKN, Behr Hella Service and others.

In order to make their already successful business even more modern and in order to achieve one more way of communication with their clients and products promoting, Unitrade has decided to use our Wholesale Webshop.

Webshop system, which includes tools for fast processing and updating of the selling assortment, promotion, and sale of products over the Internet, buyers system management, sales statistics, has provided Unitrade with standardization of his offer and complete business related to spare parts trade.

Through the system, we have enabled our user with information about brands from his assortment which are in TecDoc database. For this information, our user has linked his trade information such as articles price, internal code, images availability and others. This process has allowed the fast creating of our user database.

The integration between Webshop system and ERP system used by Unitrade,  has enabled automatic linkage and update of information about product prices and their availability, along with the displaying prices in real time.

Via Webshop system, our user has the possibility to manage his offer and buyer system the advanced way, and our user's staff engaged in the sales department can now easily communicate with buyers and process orders.

The main advantages of this kind products selling for Unitrade buyers are fast access to the large number of information via Internet, simple and fast communication with dealer, simple user interface, detailed description of the articles from the offer, numerous searches via different criteria, and very important-keeping up to date and actual information like prices and articles availability.

Unitrade, as the leader in this business activity on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with introducing this kind of the professional catalog of their offer, has entered new standards and ways of communication with buyers, electronic presenting and selling of products, the way of trading which has become indispensable on the world market and without  which we cannot imagine the business of a successful and modern company.


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