As our products offer is expanding and technically and functionally is progressing, so the number of satisfied users is growing. On this occasion we are pleased to present our new partner from Slovakia.
Beginning of the cooperation with AUTOTECHNA BARÁNEK Ltd. company from Slovakia
Beginning of the cooperation with AUTOTECHNA BARÁNEK Ltd. company from Slovakia

AUTOTECHNA BARÁNEK Ltd company was established in 1990 in Zvolen city as the first shop of spare parts in private property in Slovakia. Their main activity is distributing or spare parts for commercial and passenger vehicles, motorcycles and accessories for racing cars.

Regarding the fact that the management is a huge fan of rally races, this company in their offer has a wide range of products from the area of auto accessories and complete equipment for rally drivers. They also offer renting of this kind of equipment to their buyers.

Besides the spare parts and accessories to their retail customers are available and other products that can satisfy the most demanding customers needs.

In the company works more than 80 employees, who are responsible for the functioning or three wholesale warehouses in cities Zvolen, Košice and Šala, also for eight retail objects at the different locations. In their assortment, they have articles of well-known producers of automotive spare parts from Italy, England and Spain.

The main aim of this company is to provide to their clients professional, high quality and prompt service, therefore their assortment and selling system is expanding from day to day. Cooperation with this type of company is privilege and success.

We share our quality with success across Europe.


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