Professional auto parts e-commerce solutions

We are driven by passion to optimise parts data that will enhance customer sales opportunities by enrichment of cataloguing data for professional presentation in the Ecommerce platform of choice

TecAlliance - representative and partner | Webshop for online car-parts trading | Database standardization


By implementing QUANTUM-AutoMARKET software solutions, you are modernizing your offer and sales of car parts with a software system that will standardize and automate the presentation and car parts sale, while enabling the simplest and, at the same time, the fastest communication between the buyer and the seller.


Knowledge and expertise


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xCartico - Enterprise car parts TecDoc eCommerce solution

With xCartico being able to support and provide various API services, it offers complete and seamless integration with different services and ERP software.

    • TecDoc Inside - 6.6 million articles
    • White-label articles supported (Non-TecDoc brands)
    • Standardised format
    • Data management
    • Synonims library


QUANTUM - AutoMARKET is a partner and representative of TecAlliance GmbH, Germany, the leading provider of electronic information for spare parts for the automotive industry in the European market, on the territory of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia.


TecDoc Web Catalogue

EUR 149 /Year
  • Vehicle identification via VIN number
  • Graphic search
  • Maintenance services
  • Repair Specifications
  • Repair times
  • Tyres
  • SOS manual
  • Repair manuals
  • Electrical circuit diagrams
  • Comfort wiring diagrams
  • Component location
  • Diagnostic data
  • Fuse and relay assignment
22 Years of experience
13 Markets where we are present
85367 Active system users
65352911 Articles standardized through our system


A Part of The New TecAlliance Partner Program - TAPP

A partnership between two companies can bring a wealth of opportunities, especially when the parties involved have been dedicated to the relationship. With becoming a TecDoc Partner almost 20 years ago, we pooled our resources and expertise, making it easier to achieve our goals in bringing new technologies in automotive aftermarket scene in Serbia and the region.

New services - Data processing and consulting services

In addition to e-commerce solutions and TecDoc products, QUANTUM-AutoMARKET now offers data processing and managed service, as well as consulting services.

The new TecDoc 3.0 has arrived!

From July, the 1st, 2020, TecDoc Web Catalog 3.0 will be available to all our users from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.

New Market - Scandinavia

QUANTUM-AutoMARKET has stepped into a new market, thanks to the new business cooperation with the company from Norway.

Microsoft cloud solutions at QUANTUM-AutoMARKET

Since December 2019, QUANTUM-AutoMARKET has become part of the Cloud Solution Provider - CSP program.

QUANTUM-AutoMARKETs Microsoft Certified Team

QUANTUM-AutoMARKET's complete operations team has gone through the Microsoft certification process.

New, redesigned retail webshop!

This fall we will be presenting our new and modern, completely redesigned retail webshop.

TecDoc data – monthly updates

From May 2019, TecDoc database product information in our Webshop systems will be updated every month, instead of every three months.

QUANTUM-AutoMARKET in the Microsofts gold partners group

Starting from December 2018, QUANTUM-AutoMARKET becomes Gold Certified Microsoft Partner

New monitoring center in QUANTUM-AutoMARKET

By moving to our new offices, QUANTUM-AutoMARKET further modernized its technologies and working tools